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  • READ each question very carefully before answering it; answer what is asked - don't elaborate (e.g. if it asks you to identify the name of the City where you were born, and it was Houston, don't enter "Houston, Texas" because you will have a problem later; the question did not ask for both the City and the State! - - - but only for the City.
  • You should write down your answers to these questions.   You will need them, from time to time, as the course progresses.
  • These questions will pop-up randomly throughout the course and you must answer them 100% correctly, or it may significantly delay your ability to complete the course.
  • Pay attention to how you answer these Personal Validation Questions (PVQ) -  any PVQ  asked during the course must be answered in literally the "exact" same way you originally answered them, including any capital letters, spaces, numbers, etc 
    • for example: Los Angeles,  los angeles, Los angeles, los Angeles, LosAngeles (and all other variations) are all different answers! 

      Remember exactly what you put in for your answers ! !
  • Most of the questions seek a one word or a one number answer;

    • if the question can be answered with either a number or with a word, as in the example of "how many cars have you owned?", and you owned 4 cars, it  could be answered using either  the number 4 or the word "four",      but you must remember which one you used during the registration process


 Also - we do not take Paypal for payment;  we only accept  credit cards or debit cards.



Unlike the classroom setting, where you have to take the course in one or more sitting, the benefits of taking this online traffic school is that once you have registered, you can Login and Logout of the course as many times as you wish; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our online program format allows you to create the schedule and pace that you want!  But make sure that you complete the course before your court due date.


Terms of Service  (mod-4)

Last updated on March 16, 2016.

You should read this policy carefully before using this website. If you use this website, then you will be deemed to have accepted the terms of this policy.

Welcome to TheTicketFreeZone.com (herein “TFZ), a California DMV approved and licensed website that provides a program in traffic safety, i.e. traffic violator school.

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This online traffic school course is approved and licensed by the DMV of the State of California.

The approved lesson plan is followed and 340 minutes of instruction is provided.  

The Ticket Free Zone - TVS1297


Traffic School is available for those who get a traffic ticket for a non-criminal, moving violation AND you have not been to a traffic school in the last 18 months.

Your court will tell you whther or not you are eligible to take traffic school.

You can always voluntarily take traffic school to try and reduce your insurance costs, or to improve your driving habits.

This course has eleven Sections.  At the end of many sections there will be  a practice quiz. 

There is a final exam at the end of the last Section, for which you must have a minimum passing grade of 70%.

Should you fail the first Final Exam, you will have as much time as you need to Review any or all of the Sections, or not - your choice.  After that you can elect tto take a second Final Exam. 

In the unlikely event that you fail to pass the 2nd final exam you will be provided a message giving you your authorized options.



FAQ:  How long does the online traffic school course take?


That's entirely up to you!  Work at your own pace.  LogIn and Logout as often as you would like 24hr per day,  7 day a week..

Unlike the classroom setting, where you have to take the course in one or more sitting, the benefits of taking this online traffic school is that once you have registered, you can Login and Logout of the course as many times as you wish; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Generally, the DMV has a requirement for about 300+ minutes of instruction.  You will not be able to just blitz your way through the course.  There are section quizzes and a final exam to complete when you believe you are prepared to take it.

For the most part, our online traffic school program allows you to create the schedule and pace that you want!



No, you are not able, and should not attempt to print the course material, quizzes, or final examination questions;  but, feel free to take any written notes as needed.

It is a violation of both the Calif. Code of Regulations and federal Copyright law to copy this information in any way.  This was all specified in the Terms & Conditions policies.


You will have two (2) attempts to pass a 25 question final exam  - - and it is a open book test.  You may use any notes you take during the course, the DMV Handbook, AAA handbook, or anything else to help you answer the questions.

 However, if you should fail the final exam both times, you will then have three options to proceed and meet the rquirements of your court:

  1. you can re-register and take the course again  with us and , or
  2. you can go to the List of traffic school programs and select another traffic school provider, or
  3. you can go to the List and slect a classroom provider and contact them to determine when they are holding a class that would be convenient for you



  • Once you have successfully completed the course, proof of your completion will be electronically filed with your Court and the DMV by us for you, - - - provided of course that that you gave us completely accurate information during the registration process.

  • Keep your emailed receipt that was sent to you at the end of the course; this shows proof of completion as well.


First, look on your ticket or the courtesy Notice the court may have sent you.


Google - the county name plus "superior court" and you should get it

There no longer are paper Certificates of Completion.

Your completion of traffic violator school is electronically filed with the DMV within the time period permitted under the California Vehicle Code and Code of Regulations from the date you completed this traffic school program.

If you provided both complete and accurate information during the Registration process, the fact that you completed the course will be processed normally. 

However, if the information you provided is either incorrect and or not accurate, then this could greatly delay the processing of your completion certificate.

Yes, depending on your insurance company, you may get an insurance discount if you take, complete and pass our online  traffic school program.  Check with your insurance company.

You can still receive points on your record if you have paid the fine.  If you are eligible to take traffic school and you successfully complete it within the required time the point will be held confidential.  However, some drivers holding commercial licenses may not have their violation held confidential.

If it is not in your normal Inbox, then CHECK your SPAM folder! 

Most of the time it ends up there if you don't see it in your "new emails" folder.

If you are still having problems, send an email to:     ise1297@aol.com  , explain the issue and someone will respond with a solution(s)

 That depends.

Drivers holding a commercial driver's license will be permitted to take a traffic school program IF, at the time of the traffic citation, they were driving a non-commercial vehicle or motorcycle.  

Completion of the traffic school program will keep the negligent operator point(s) off their record, but their record will notbe kept confidential.  The record of traffic violations committed while operating a commercial vehicle will remain ineligible to be kept confidential; this is in compliance with Federal commercial driver laws.


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